We are Christians worshipping in Graz, Austria. We steadfastly believe our faith and the unity of God’s Church is founded on the following principles given in God’s Holy Word.

We believe that the God of the Bible is the only true God, who created the world and mankind.  Although the creation confirms his existence, the created (mankind) turned away from its creater and acts lives contrary to the real aims (the Biblical term for this is “sin”) and therefore has become separated fromthe source of life.    

However God did not abandon mankind and seeks the lost.   Because he loves us, God sent Jesus Christ, his son, into the world to give mankind a new and eternal life.   Through Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection, He prepared the way for man out of a godless and fallen world, restoring man’s relationship with God the Father. 

Through personal faith in Jesus Christ any person can accept God’s offer of reconciliation. This faith expresses itself through regret for one’s own sins and the wish to begin a new life with Jesus Christ.  

A person becomes connected to Jesus by faith through baptism and experiences a “circumcision of the heart,”, which creates inner renewal. By God placing his being into the person through the Holy Spirit, the person becomes – spiritually – reborn.  

The believer lives as a “child of God” and may call God “Father.”   In response to God’s love and in the knowledge of God’s grace the believer strives to live a life that is pleasing to God and that follows the example of Jesus. 

Jesus promises to come again at the end and to take all those who believe to his Father’s house and into his glory.   At the end all people must give account to God for their lives. As descendents of Jesus we look forward to this day with complete confidence.  

Inspired by the Holy Spirit the Bible was written down by men over several centuries. We view the Bible as the Word of God, to be valued and not changed in any shape or form.   

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